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At FairChange Academy you’ll find practical online courses and ready-to-use tools to help your social impact business succeed!

Future Proof Purpose Business People

Online Course

From Purpose to Performance

Soon to come: our new online course where you’ll learn a 5-step roadmap to build a purpose-driven business that combines profit-making with making a positive social impact.

Reserve your spot now and you’ll get access to the pilot course at a discount fee!

Social media planner

Business Tool

Social Media Planner Kit 2021-2022 for Social Impact Entrepreneurs

Save loads of time and avoid last-minute stress with over 500 ready-to-use content ideas around sustainable living and socially responsible business. Show up consistently with an easy system to schedule your posts across different social media channels.

With this unique Social Media Planner Kit you can engage and grow audiences who care for people & the planet, just as you do!

Get it now for a limited-time discount! If you order right away you’ll also get a free bonus: 12 beautiful Social Media Templates for Sustainable Living.

Free Checklist

How to make Purpose-Driven Business Decisions

What does it actually mean to do business with purpose? In this free Checklist we’ve broken down “P U R P O S E – D R I V E N” Business Decisions for you into their different key principles.

Get the Checklist now to guide your daily decision-making processes with a blueprint for actions that combine profits and positive impact.

Why choose FairChange Academy?

Trainings build on a research-based approach and on-the-ground working experience with businesses and communities
Practical tools and approaches you can easily implement in your specific business context
Skills development of individuals and teams, applicable to solo-entreprises, SMEs and large businesses
Courses come with simple tools to track your individual and organizational learning progress

We are multi-lingual. FairChange offers courses and tools in English, Spanish and Dutch.

Tools for business
Courses for social entrepeneurs

Hi, I am Katja Marianne,

Founder of FairChange Academy. Dutch national, world citizen. For over a decade now, Latin America has been my home. I’m passionate about teaching the lessons I learned from working with vulnerable communities and purpose-driven businesses, often in complex environments. That’s my motivation behind FairChange Academy.

Collaborating can be powerful to complement skills. That’s why I team up with other professionals whenever they add value to my courses and tools.

I will be really pleased if you decide to learn with FairChange so that together we can grow your business into the successful change agent you set out to be!

Interested in personalized learning?

My mission with FairChange Academy is to help purpose-driven businesses around the globe get the skills and knowledge they need to create sustainable change. By offering standardized digital learning programs we increase FairChange Academy’s reach and scope of impact.

However, I love interacting in personalized ways and on-site. For some programs and topics FairChange Academy offers training and coaching á la carte to meet your organization’s specific learning needs. Depending on your location, we also work in-person.

Would you like to know more? Please contact me if you’d like to discuss FairChange Academy’s tailor-made training and coaching options!

Working online in-person