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Online Course: From Purpose to Performance

Soon to come: our new online course where you’ll learn a 5-step roadmap to build a purpose-driven business that combines profit-making with making a positive social impact.

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Purpose-driven businesses and social impact entrepreneurs have many opportunities to build a better world.

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Learnings from on-the-ground experience with businesses and communities combined with research findings, brought to you in an easily digestible way
Practical tools and action steps you can directly implement in the context of your business
Skills development of individuals and teams, whether you’re a solo-entrepreneur, small to medium enterprise, or a large business
Adapted to your preferred learning style: digital courses and masterclasses, or in-person and on-site training. Or a combination of both!
Courses come with simple systems to track your learning progress – during and after the course
Tools for business
We are multi-lingual. FairChange offers courses and tools in English, Spanish and Dutch.
Katja Marianne Noordam

Hey, good that you’re here!

I’m Katja Marianne. With 20+ years of experience supporting vulnerable communities and purpose-driven businesses, often in complex environments, I’m passionate about passing on the lessons I learned. That’s my motivation behind FairChange Academy.

To build a better world we have to collaborate and co-create. That’s why I team up with other professionals whenever they add value to my courses and tools.

Looking for support to do business with a higher purpose and grow your positive impact? Learn with FairChange so that together we can grow your enterprise into the successful change agent you set out to be!

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