Who’s behind FairChange Academy and why learn with us

Katja & Nina Parque Brasil Bogota

Meet FairChange Academy’s founder

Hi, I’m Katja Marianne Noordam, founder of FairChange Academy. Dutch-Belgian by origin, global citizen by choice. For the greatest part of my life, I’ve worked and lived abroad in different countries and continents. For almost a decade now I’ve been calling Latin America my home.

At this moment I’m based in complex but beautiful Colombia, where I live with my daughter Nina and our two adopted street cats Molly and Dicky. Yes, I’m a single mum, but never alone – surrounded and supported by my lovely Colombian family members and an internationally flavored circle of friends.

My Nina is a mix of Dutch-Belgian, Afro-Colombian, and even a tinge of Native Indian blood. This magnificent little person teaches me as much about life as I can teach her as a parent.

A life of intercultural experiences has equipped me with an appreciation for diversity, sensitivity to solutions informed by multiple perspectives, and an open mind. All this often comes in handy when working with businesses that address complex social challenges.

My inspiration to start FairChange Academy

I’m passionate about transferring the lessons I’ve learned from working with vulnerable communities and purpose-driven businesses (often in poor and violent contexts) to others.

I’m also a meticulous researcher, always curious to incorporate the latest insights about business strategy and social impact creation into my own practice. And I love designing solution-focused tools to plan, implement and measure positive social impact. All this is what motivated me to start FairChange Academy.

Although I think it’s great to be autonomous and independent, I also love working together. That’s why I team up with other professionals whenever I feel they add value to my courses. This way, I can help you and your business even better to be the successful change agent you set out to be!

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I think we’re a match if…

Do you believe in a healthy balance between making a profit and making a difference, just as I do? Then learning with FairChange is probably right for you!

FairChange Academy courses and tools are developed with you in mind: purpose-driven solo-entrepreneurs, small and large businesses with a heartfelt desire to make a sustainable social impact.

Maybe you already have social strategies in place and are looking for skills and knowledge to increase your impact. Or maybe you’re in the process of transforming a profit-only organization into a social impact business model. Or you are just starting your new enterprise and need hands-on tools to put your greater purpose into practice.

In all these scenarios, FairChange Academy can help you move forward!