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Social Impact: Strategies for Success

Purpose-driven companies have many opportunities to build a better world. In this 5-volume Why-And-How series, you’ll find guides on Social impact management, Stakeholder engagement, Sustainable Development Goals, Human rights promotion, and Conflict prevention.

I developed this Beginner’s Toolkit several years ago for corporate clients who were taking their first steps into doing business with impact in Colombia and Latin America. Discover facts, figures and sources on how social impact strategies benefit your business and society. Whether you’re a big, small or medium-sized company or a solo entrepreneur, you’ll find key insights to get started.

FairChange Book_8 Benefits Social Impact

8 Benefits of maximizing your business’ social impact

In which areas your business can make a significant positive impact? And what are the evidence-based benefits of doing so?

This eBook will help you find out. It includes some key steps you can take to improve prosperity and wellbeing for your workers, suppliers and neighboring communities.

FairChange Book_7 Reasons Stakeholder Engagement

7 Reasons why stakeholder engagement creates value for your business and society

For you as a purpose-driven business, engaging in a positive dialogue with your neighbors and other stakeholders is the obvious thing to do. Beyond ethics, quality stakeholder engagement also brings important competitive advantages.

This eBook details 7 of these benefits and how you can realize them.

FairChange Book_10 Opportunities SDGs

10 Business opportunities of supporting the SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a powerful framework if your business looks for ways to make profits while making a positive impact on people and the planet. Supporting the SDGs gives your business key competitive advantages in developed and emerging economies.

How? Discover it in this eBook.

FairChange Book_7 Ways Human Rights

7 Ways promoting human rights brings benefits to society and to your business

Consumers are increasingly losing trust in companies that don’t take measures against workers’ exploitation, child labor, and other limitations to people’s dignity and wellbeing.

In this eBook you’ll find 7 reasons why supporting human rights is the right thing to do and some essential tools to take action.

FairChange Book_7 Steps Conflict Risk

7 Steps to turn conflict risk into opportunities for responsible business

Does your business operate in or source from regions affected by violence? Or do you face social conflict in neighboring communities? In all these scenarios working to promote peace is key for long-term success.

This eBook details 7 steps you can take to promote conflict-free operating environments.