Free resources that help you grow your social impact

Purpose-driven businesses and social impact entrepreneurs have many opportunities to build a better world. Find checklists, templates and ebooks with simple steps for social impact success!

These free resources help you create better work environments for your workers, better conditions for your suppliers, better products for conscious consumers, and better lives for local communities. Find them here on FairChange Academy, your go-to learning platform for doing business with purpose and communicating your social impact in a captivating way.

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Social Impact: Strategies for Success

Purpose-driven companies have many opportunities to build a better world. In this 5-volume Why-And-How series, you’ll find guides on Social impact management, Stakeholder engagement, Sustainable Development Goals, Human rights promotion, and Conflict prevention.

Edited a few years ago with my large corporate clients in mind, this series contains key insights to get started, whether you are a big company, a small or medium-sized business, or a solo entrepreneur.

FairChange Impact Storytelling

Tell stories that captivate customers and create change

For impact entrepreneurs and purpose-driven businesses, telling meaningful stories about the people we support is key to successful marketing. We must tell stories that sell and make real impact. But that’s not always easy.

The 8 Principles of Impact Storytelling include the essentials of capturing and telling meaningful stories that sell while creating positive change.

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Easy decision-making for your purpose-driven business

Business leaders and entrepreneurs who combine profits with impact make decisions that are not based on revenue growth alone. But how do you do this?

In this quick guide, FairChange has broken down “P U R P O S E – D R I V E N” business decisions for you, highlighting the 13 key criteria that set them apart. It includes an easy-to-apply questionnaire you can use when facing large and small decisions in your do-good enterprise.

Note that most free FairChange resources are available in English. Some are published in Spanish and Dutch. Can’t find the resource you’re looking for? Drop me a message and I’ll let you know how I can help!