The social media planner every social impact entrepreneur needs!

Make social media planning fun and inspiring with meaningful content for over a year (that’s 12 months + 1 month for free!). Easily schedule your posts across your digital channels of choice with the daily content Planner. Store and organize your written copy and visuals in the Content Library, so you’ll always have your content repository on hand to pick from.

In the Inspiration Guide, you’ll find over 120 additional ideas for posts to engage and grow audiences who care for people and the planet!

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The Social Media Planner Every Social Impact Entrepreneur Needs!

Start meaningful and fun conversations with conscious consumers and grow your audiences with engaging content, including…

• 150 international Celebrations and Awareness Days related to healthy and sustainable living •
• 50 “Heavenly Highlights” – lunar and stellar events throughout the year •
• 30 Ideas for quotes about eco-lifestyle, mindfulness and social impact leadership •
• 80 Prompts for promotional posts that spark your follower’s interest in your business and offering •

… and so much more inspiration for content that makes you stand out among the digital crowd as an entrepreneur who cares for people and the planet!

What will you find in your Social Media Planner Kit?

Social media planner

Social Media Calendar and Daily Planner 2021-2022

Easily organize a full year of digital content across all your digital channels

12 Months + 1 month free (June 2021-June 2022) of ready-to-use daily content topics to make posting on your social media, website, blogs, podcast, video channel and in your email newsletters fast and easy

52 (+ 4 weeks free) handy Planner charts to schedule and track your daily posts across your digital channels

Mini-Guide with 9 Content Categories to organize your content topics and show up consistently throughout the year

• Content Library to store your written copy and visuals so you’ll have them on hand to pick from

Social media inspiration

Inspiration Guide to get your creativity flowing

Create your own compelling content to attract conscious consumers

120+ ideas for digital content that will help you stand out as a socially committed and environmentally responsible entrepreneur

Neatly organized in 9 Content Categories to help you focus, position yourself as an authority in your social impact or eco-conscious niche and show up consistently to grow your tribe

Includes inspiration for captivating content around Awareness days, Sustainable Development Goals, human rights and social justice, health and mindfulness, and a green & social lifestyle

Social media posts

BONUS: Social media templates for sustainable Living

Inspire and entertain your followers with ready-to-post social media templates

If you buy the Social Media Planner Kit for Social Impact Entrepreneurs 2021-2022 now, you’ll get a set of 12 done-for-you social media templates for free!

Inspire and entertain your followers with 12 quotes on sustainable living, mindfulness and social justice, with carefully selected images to capture their attention and touch their hearts.

Ready to use on your Instagram and Facebook accounts!

Is this unique Social Media Planner Kit right for you?

Yes, it is… if:

you want to attract loyal customers and followers with captivating content that is tailored to your social impact mission
you plan to show up regularly on different digital platforms with a neatly organized scheduling system
you are looking forward to being free from the stress of having to invent engaging social media posts at the last moment
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Meet FairChange Academy’s Founder

Hi there! I’m Katja Marianne Noordam. Dutch-Belgian by origin, global citizen by choice. For the greatest part of my life, I’ve lived abroad in different countries and continents. During the last twelve years I’ve been calling Latin America my home.

I’m passionate about teaching others the lessons I’ve learned from working with vulnerable communities and purpose-driven businesses, often in poor and violent contexts. This is what motivated me to start FairChange Academy. I’m also a meticulous researcher, always curious to translate insights about businesses and social impact into solution-focused practices.

Whenever they add value to my teaching, I love to team up with other coaches and trainers.

That’s how I work to offer high-quality tools and courses on the FairChange Academy digital learning platform. I sincerely hope they’ll inspire you and increase your skills to be an agent for positive change. With your help we can turn the world into a place where businesses create profits and prosperity while caring for people and the planet.